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Can I use a dummy return ticket for a US B1B2 visa?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Flight Reservation relatedCan I use a dummy return ticket for a US B1B2 visa?
Smith AroraSmith Arora asked 3 years ago
1 Answers
Billy RosaBilly Rosa answered 3 years ago
The B1B2 visa holder is not required to hold a dummy return ticket. However, you will need to have proof to show that at the end of your stay you will have to go to the U.S. There is reason to leave and return to his residence abroad.
dummy return ticket for a US B1B2 visa 1
However, you can use a dummy return ticket for visa purposes. I was visited many countries with my family and friends, and it was very hard to decide the return tickets during the trip.

If you are going with a free dummy ticket then it will be valid for 2 days only, I would like to suggest you please go with a reservation paid by an international travel agent, you will get a flight reservation valid for 3 weeks Which should be a great thing for your visa purpose, A return ticket will be required.

When you arrive at the USA airport, the border officer will ask you to provide a return ticket, my experience with the same situation.  FlyingHelpline.Com to book a flight at a very affordable price for only $ 15 and the company offers a confirmed itinerary with a valid active PNR.