How do dummy tickets/itinerary service websites work?

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Smith AroraSmith Arora asked 1 year ago
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Billy RosaBilly Rosa answered 1 year ago
A dummy ticket looks like a regular airline ticket with a valid PNR / booking code or booking reference number. If the “Manage My Booking” tool is used, it can be verified on airline websites.

I regularly fly to Dubai from the USA and use the flight itinerary as a return ticket. On some occasions, I may not have a fixed return date and instead of booking a return ticket, I simply book the dummy ticket that works like a charm.
flight itinerary for visa application
A dummy flight ticket is a flight ticket that shows the actual details of the flight’s journey, which is confirmed but not issued to the customer. A dummy flight ticket carries a valid PNR that is directly verifiable on airline websites for which you have a booking for visa purposes as well as immigration purposes.

How do you get a dummy plane ticket?


  • Visit http://www.FlyingHelpline .com
  • Choose the right travel package.
  • Submit your flight and travel details and pay the fee.
  • Wait for the email confirmation with all the details of your flight