How risky it is to show a false return ticket to the embassy guy at the airport?

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Michael Berch asked 1 year ago
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Author at Flying HelplineAuthor Staff answered 1 year ago
There is absolutely no reason to use a fake ticket for this purpose! It’s likely to be detected, can easily be verified as false, and it is a fairly serious crime which, besides the criminal penalty, might cause you to be barred from entering the U.S. in the future.
Smith AroraSmith Arora answered 1 year ago
A return ticket will be required. When you arrive at the USA airport, the border officer will ask you to provide a return ticket, my gf had experience with the same situation. He now uses FlyingHelpline.Com to book a flight for only $ 15 USD with a very cheap price and this company offers a confirmed itinerary with a valid active PNR.

proof of onward return ticket
Option 1: Obtaining a confirmed flight itinerary by purchasing a refundable flight ticket. If you have decided to purchase an airline ticket, or the embassy (or consulate) has actually obliged you to buy one, this is the safest way to get your money back if your visa application is rejected. But this is not a smart option.

But one thing you need to know is that if refundable flights can be charged 10% which can be a higher amount.

Option: 2 A dummy flight ticket is simply a flight ticket that shows the actual details of the flight journey that are confirmed but have not yet been issued to the customer. Unlike a fake ticket, a dummy flight ticket carries a valid PNR that is verified directly on the airline websites for which you have made a booking.
For round trip reservation or itinerary.
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