Is it legal to carry a dummy ticket of your return journey?

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Smith AroraSmith Arora asked 1 year ago
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Billy RosaBilly Rosa answered 1 year ago
They need to protect their national entry and exit points so that they usually ask for a forward / return flight. Dummy Ticket This is considered as proof of documents and when you present it to the authorities and you are caught, you will get into big trouble.
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I am using a flying company to buy return tickets to show at the immigration port. If you do not know about flight reservations, you can google it, however, you can use this ticket for any immigration purpose as well as visa application.
What is a dummy return ticket?
A dummy ticket is simply a flight reservation for a visa application. This is sometimes referred to as a flight itinerary or flight reservation and is a flight reservation from your favorite country to your preferred location and back again
How do I get a dummy return ticket for use in immigration purposes?
You can easily get verified flight tickets by flight reservation for Visa for a small fee.
Step 1: Visit the website.
Step 2: Enter the country of origin, destination and date. …
Step 3: Enter your name and email. Get tickets within 1 hour.