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How long Flight Reservation Validity?

Our Flight Reservation is generally valid from 7days to 2weeks. But sometimes airlines can choose to release a Flight Reservation at any time without prior notice to the customer or travel agency. Why so, we cannot promise our customers an exact date. as we have mentioned in this page ( terms & conditions ) Remember, there is no validation set or end date for a Flight reservation ticket, and no person or business providing such kind of services should be guaranteed for validity. It all depends on airline policy.

When you made your reservation online, you had read the ( terms and conditions) of the reservation. As it’s a reservation and not a final purchased ticket it is subjected to airline policies such as overbookings/ cancellation of flights/ due to server issues/ technical problems/ Bad weather issues/ mechanical problems/ proximity to departure. The airline’s main priority is to sell tickets not merely reservations. if the flight has been canceled or reservation canceled by the airline, we do not take any guaranty for your validity of flight reservation.

Hotel Reservation validity: until your check-in date. (T&C) in hotel reservations, we not booked a full paid hotel booking, remember we are booked with only reservation and we select an option “Pay At Hotel” if the hotel gets overbook then the hotel property will cancel your reservation without prior notice to the customer or travel agency, in this situation we do not take guaranty for your hotel booking.

we recommend you Please book our service before 1 or 2 days ago, or you can also select the date of the visa submission date when you are filling the form so that we can manage your flight reservation or hotel booking before the visa date.

Insurance Validity: The insurance we provide is a valid one and can be used during your travel and stay, It meets all the Schengen visa requirements and is valid across all Schengen countries and international too. The signed insurance visa letter you receive from us is perfect for visa purposes.

how to verify flight reservation?

Verification of Flight:

Flight reservations are verifiable. You can visit the respective airlines website, plugin the airline reservation code and your name under manage my bookings. If you have any issues, then please send email to

Verification of Hotel:

Hotel reservations are verifiable. You can call the hotel directly to verify using your name. Hotel itinerary has a confirmation number from the booking systems that indicate that bookings have been made successfully with the hotel systems.

Free Flight Reservation or Payable Reservation?

Free one: You can secure a verifiable flight itinerary from the airlines’ website without any cost. But there’s a problem. You can withhold it only for up to 48 hours while the embassies or consulates usually take more then 7 days to process the visa application. So, if the visa officer will try to verify the flight itinerary PNR/reservation code [printed on the document], the server won’t verify it. It will leave a huge negative impression, the only consequence of which will be a rejection of your visa application.
Authorized Travel Company: we have authorized to pay some advance deposit with the airline for blocking your seat for the specific time period. as normal people can’t do that.

Flight Reservation is accepted by embassy?

Flight Reservation or Dummy Air ticket for visa

it’s accepted by the Embassy/consulate?

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That’s exactly why we are here and why you should use our service! Yes, the reservations are perfectly acceptable.

The embassy actually recommends not purchasing actual tickets until the visa is approved.  We take away the overhead and ticket cancellation worries from you by making travel reservations on your behalf for a small service fee.

Should I buy an airline ticket before the appointment? We recommend that you do not purchase travel tickets until your visa has been approved. On the other hand, you may provide us with a reservation, a planned itinerary or an online printout of a roundtrip ticket.” – Spain Embassy

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