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Visa terms and conditions

Application of Terms and Conditions:
Any person (“Customer”) who wishes to avail or avail of the company’s VISA services will be subject to the terms and conditions below. Inter-visa services include collection and review of documents, submission of visa applications and any other ancillary services before appropriate institutions and / or immigration authorities / embassies.

By instructing the company to start services on your behalf, the customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions. The customer also undertakes that the agreement accepted by the customer on his / her own will also be read with the current T&C and is therefore not being reintroduced for translation of brevity.

-Scope of services and processes:
Initially, the client agrees that they understand that the acceptance/rejection of the visa is the sole discretion of the Embassy / High Commission before submitting the visa application. FLYING HELPLINE has no role in the evaluation or processing of visa applications. The scope of services offered by FLYING HELPLINE visa services is detailed here.

The FLYING HELPLINE will provide the customer with the necessary information for the visa application process (as provided by the concerned Embassy / High Commission) enabling the client to apply for a visa, as well as the average time to process the visa application. is. by the way.
All requirements to apply for a visa (including but not limited to documentation, fees and time limits) are calculated based on common criteria and may vary due to many factors, but not up to the information given by the client (including ), But not limited to present or past nationality, residence, sex, age, occupation, recent travel and religion).

Each country has different requirements for passports and visas. for example. Some countries require a minimum number of pages in a period of succession or validity. These requirements are established by sovereign nations and are subject to change without notice. While FLYING HELPLINE always tries and ensures that its customers are given correct and up-to-date information, there may be instances where FLYING HELPLINE is not provided as expected, resulting in FLYING HELPLINE not being able to provide its customers It is possible. In such cases, FLYING HELPLINE will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy in such information.

The services offered by FLYING HELPLINE should not in any way be considered Visa Advisory Services. FLYING HELPLINE will only provide its customers a check list of documents set by the respective nation / country to apply for the visa. FLYING HELPLINE can only cross documents according to the check list without having to go through the contents of each document. The FLYING HELPLINE will also not advise on the eligibility and approval of documents or the possibility of rejection of the application for a visa.

FLYING HELPLINE can also appoint third party vendors for the visa application process for different countries. Such third-party vendors will be responsible for applying for customers’ visas for the countries where they are appointed.

FlYINGHELPLINE Does not undertake any guarantee of Visa Approval.

The customer undertakes to provide the necessary documents to the FLYING HELPLINE for the processing of the visa immediately. The customer further states that the documents presented are genuine and further the information given by the customer is correct and correct. FLYING HELPLINE will not take any responsibility to verify the information of the documents or the veracity of the information provided. Customers are required to provide all necessary and correct information to FLYING HELPLINE, to allow FLYING HELPLINE to submit an application for visa processing, such information may be included, but it may include the customer’s name, address, holiday destination and any Not limited to other information that FLYING HELPLINE considers necessary for the purpose of processing a customer’s visa application. Once the customer is provided with the required information by FLYING HELPLINE, he agrees to file the required visa application for FLYING HELPLINE with the relevant consulate fee on his behalf to the concerned consulate / embassy.

The client also understands that once the visa application is filed by FLYING HELPLINE on their behalf, the Consulate / Embassy / High Commission concerned may call the client for a face-to-face interview at their discretion. FLYING HELPLINE will have no role in this process and should immediately inform the customer about the date, time and requirements (if any) communicated by the concerned Embassy / High Commission.

Fine to Dubai: “OK to board” may be required for customers visiting Dubai. The customer understands that the airline / department concerned has full discretion to grant or reject the ‘OK board’.

Customers are required to provide valid communication details (mobile number / email ID) when applying for Visa / OK TO BOARD services, as these customers will be the only point of contact for timely updates on the status of Visa / OK. Board application by FLYING HELPLINE.

-service tax
The customer agrees to pay FLYING HELPLINE a service fee for the cost of providing the services of submitting the application on behalf of the customer to the embassy concerned. The service fee will be paid by the visa fee, embassy fee and other similar charges, in whatever name or by the ration concerned, as determined.

The customer is liable to pay service charges at the time when he / she is confirmed to avail of FLYING HELPLINE. Embassy fees / taxes / other charges that are not under FLYING HELPLINE control are subject to changes made by embassy / government officials without prior notice to FLYING HELPLINE, and FLYING HELPLINE cannot be held liable for this.

Apart from the above, any charges for logistics, ie collection of documents, collection of passports etc. or any courier charges will be in addition to the above mentioned charges.

-Cancellation fees :
The customer agrees that once the booking ID for the visa application is created, the FLYING HELPLINE service fee will be non-refundable. However, the visa fee may only be refunded until the application is filed. Once the application is submitted to the concerned Embassy / High Commission, the visa fee will be non-refundable. The above is as per the Embassy / High Commission guidelines and FLYING HELPLINE has no control or authority over it.

FLYING HELPLINE reserves the right to levy additional cancellation fees in appropriate cases.

limit of liability:
FLYING HELPLINE acts solely as a facility for visa processing and is not responsible for the grant or rejection of customer visas in any way. The issuance of VISA is the sole decision of the embassy concerned and FLYING HELPLINE cannot be held liable for this. FLYING HELPLINE serves to provide the best of its VISA services. However, FLYING HELPLINE will not be held liable for the acts and omissions of any consulate / officials in issuing or issuing a visa for any reason whatsoever. FLYING HELPLINE cannot be held liable for any incidental cost / expense in connection made by the customer.

Once the FLYING HELPLINE returns a customer’s passport and documents to him / her, it is their responsibility to check that all required visas have been obtained and that the details mentioned therein are correct and matched in their itinerary. The customer will also check his personal details mentioned on the visa issued.

The customer will also understand that when a VISA is issued, it can still be denied entry because it belongs to the local immigration authorities who have the final say on the entry decision and in that case the FLYING HELPLINE cannot be held liable. is. The FLYING HELPLINE also recommends that the customer secure the VISA before the departure date.

FLYING HELPLINE shall not be liable for any loss or delay in any respect or events, including acts of God, weather conditions, acts of public enemies, war, attacks, civil commotion, or acts or omissions of public officials. Are not. Passport and embassy consular officer).

The customer also believes that in case of rejection, if the customer wishes to reapply / appeal against the rejection of the visa, FLYING HELPLINE will strictly follow the instructions of the customer. The re-enactment / appeal will be a new transaction and the customer will be liable to pay the applicable fee for such re-enactment / appeal process along with service charges for FLYING HELPLINE. Unless otherwise enforced by the customer, FLYING HELPLINE will not reapply any visa application.

In some cases, third party vendors appointed by FLYING HELPLINE may refuse to submit the customer’s credit based on the customer’s visa application, which can be decided on the basis of documents submitted by the customer. This will only be done in cases where the seller is of the opinion that there is a substantial risk of the visa being rejected. In such cases, if some additional documents are required, the customer will be informed and if the documents are found in order, the application will be submitted. However, if the application is not submitted by the vendor, the visa fee will be refunded but FLYING HELPLINE service fee will remain irrevocable.

For visa applications where passport submission is required, FLYING HELPLINE will take all necessary steps to ensure that the passport is delivered safely to the customer. However, the customer agrees that FLYING HELPLINE cannot be held liable in any way if the passport is lost or mis-passed by the logistic service provider.

For services that are being provided
The countries for which visa application services are offered are mentioned in the Visa section of the desktop site and in the mobile app. The list of countries is subject to change at the discretion of FLYING HELPLINE.

Terms and conditions:
FLYING HELPLINE reserves the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices under which FLYING HELPLINE websites are offered, not including fees. The customer is responsible for regularly reviewing these T & Cs.

how we operate:
we taking charges included only the service charges for the Visa Consultation charge, including the price we provide you only a supporting documents, Please read all FAQ’s before place the Order